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Compression Packings

Pre-formed packing rings

Precision moulded rings of our length-form compression packings, custom-made to an exact fit for a specific gland.

Typical applications
Widely used by valve and pump manufacturers for convenience and surety of installation during equipment assembly. They are also recommended for on-site maintenance and/or equipment refurbishment when operating conditions are severe in terms of pressure and/or chemical attack.

Prime features

  • Ease of installation.
  • Minimum initial adjustment needed.
  • Precise fit in gland for high integrity sealing.
  • Accurately controlled packing density for duties at higher than normal pressures.

Service capabilities
The pressure rating of standard length-form packings can often be significantly increased by special moulding techniques during the manufacture of rings. Please discuss your specific application with our Technical Support Team

How supplied
Sets of rings are custom-moulded to order and supplied with either butt or scarf joints as required. Special sets can be designed and manufactured to combine the advantages of two or more packing products, and/or supplied with extrusion resistant end rings and spacers.

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