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Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Metakamm® gaskets

This gasket is certified for emission control applications.

Our grooved metal, Kammprofile-type gaskets comprise a metal core with concentric grooves on either side. They usually have a soft layer of sealing material bonded to both grooved faces.

Designed to meet Shell MESC SPE 85/100 (Sept 2012), SPE 85/203 (Sept 2012) and SPE 85/300 (Sept 2012)

TAT approved to Shell MESC standard
Specifically designed from the outset to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements, MetaKamm is available to TAT approved requirements of both Shell MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.2 Class B (H) for fugitive emissions and Shell MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.5 requirements under the Hot Operational Tightness Test (HOTT).

Typical applications
Flanges of high temperature/pressure pipework and vessels where operating conditions can fluctuate. They are also recommended for heat exhangers.

Prime features

  • Suits vast ranges of operating conditions.
  • Line temperatures and pressures up to 650°C or 25MPa/250bar.
  • Undamaged cores can often be fitted with new soft faces to reduce maintenance costs.


  • Metakamm® gaskets with facings of graphite or PTFE are certified as meeting TA-Luft emission control requirements.
  • Products are manufactured in accordance with all relevant gasket standards to suit flange designations: ASME B16.5, BS 1560 (only part 3.2 is still current), ASME B16.47 Series A (MSS-SP44), ASME B16.47 Series B (supersedes API 605), BS EN 1092 (supersedes BS 4504), DIN, JIS and NF.

Maximum operating temperatures of facing materials
SPG Standard purity graphite (oxiding media): 500°C.
SPG Standard purity graphite (inert/reducing media): 600°C.
SPG Standard purity graphite (steam): 650°C.
HPG High purity graphite (oxidising media): 500°C.
HPG High purity graphite (inert/reducing media): 600°C.
HPG High purity graphite (steam): 650°C.
Fluolion® PTFE: 260°C.
Aluminium and silver facings are also available.

Operating pressure
Standard gaskets: 25MPa/250bar maximum.

Serrated metal cores
Available in wide ranges of stainless steels and nickel alloys, titanium and copper.

Standard diameters: 10mm NB up to 3600mm NB.
Standard thicknesses: 3.0mm, 4.0mm cores, with 0.5mm soft facings on either side.
Non-standard thicknesses: 2.0mm core upwards.

How supplied
As six designs to suit different flange faces, in any combination of component materials. Special profiles include oval, rectangular, and heat exchanger shapes with pass bars.


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