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Wind Energy

Wind EnergyFrom advanced seal design and compound formulation to bolting technology and foundation support, James Walker is a trusted supplier to the global wind energy industry.

In partnership with the industry’s major turbine and component manufacturers, is actively developing the technology that will shape the future of wind energy.

Products of specific benefit include...

  • Slew Bearing Seals
  • Tension Control Fasteners
  • Blade Root Seals
  • Vibration Attenuation
  • Gearbox/Generator Seals

Walkersele X-Gen

Walkersele X-GenAdvanced Walkersele® technology for large diameter shaft and bearing sealing in the wind industry.

James Walker’s latest advances in Walkersele rotary sealing technology offer a new patented glass-reinforced seal construction with new lip profiles and spring formations, specifically designed to meet the demands of the wind industry.

This will provide the necessary assistance required to accommodate eccentricity/deflection and maintain a constant lip load at all points on the circumference allowing maximum sealing capability for increased levels of offset from loaded bearings and out-of-round shafts and housings.

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Bolting Technology

Bolting Technology

We offer finger-tip, visual or remote monitoring to ensure that a bolted joint is maintaining the correct tension.

Blade Root Seals

Blade Root Seals

Developing an effective solution for blade root seals that will solve bearing contamination and lubricant leakage.

Vibration Attenuation

Vibration Attenuation

James Walker Tiflex specialises in the design and manufacturing of acoustic and vibration attenuation products.

Gearbox and Generator Seals

Gearbox/Generator Seals

Providing the solution for any shaft, housing design, speed and operating conditions that exist in wind turbines.