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In the world of sealing technology, James Walker, Moorside and Metaflex are three of the most widely known and respected brand names, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. For many users they are the first choice for trouble-free operations.

James Walker Moorflex was created by merging Moorside and James Walker Metaflex - two James Walker Group companies which bring together over 100 years' experience at the forefront of sealing technology. Their mutual commitment to manufacturing excellence, service, research and development, together with their international reputation, ensure that Moorflex is uniquely placed to deliver the best products, backed by the finest service, world-wide. This commitment is borne out through the most comprehensive stock availability in the gasket industry, a 24 hour emergency breakdown service, plus the strategic location of manufacturing and service facilities throughout the world.

Throughout the world the oil, gas, petroleum and chemical processing industries operate in environments where only the strongest survive. The precision engineering of materials and their supply, wherever and whenever they are required, is fundemental in order to gain the trust of operators in these most demanding technologies.

Our aim is to supply quality products and services and to fulfil our customers' expectations. This is underpinned by our Quality System approvals to ISO 9001:2008 and API Spec Q1-Standard 6A and 17D, which are supplemented by many company and independant authority approvals. Moorflex takes great pride in having achieved universal acceptance for providing gaskets used in sealing applications where extreme mechanical and thermal performance demands are considered routine. There are many companies in the sealing industry. Very few can boast the quality of products, quality of service and quality of people found at Moorflex.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1274 562211
Fax: + 44 (0) 1274 566623