James Walker extends range of spring-energised PTFE seals

Spring-energised seals are far from new - we have been manufacturing them since the 1940s, but with the launch of Unilion® we now offer a full range of precision-engineered products that meet the toughest requirements for reliable, high-integrity sealing.

Unilion® seals are based on the ‘U’ ring principle. The lips of each seal are initially energised by corrosion resistant metal springs of helicoil, ‘U’ spring, or ‘U’ finger spring design, according to the seal type. The result is a long-life, low-friction seal with negligible leakage - even under physically demanding operating conditions involving highly corrosive fluid media.

Moreover, Unilion seals have no storage period limitation. They can safely be held in stock on-site to meet OEM and maintenance requirements and, as a single Unilion can often perform three sealing duties – static, reciprocating and rotary - this can help reduce stockholding requirements and simplify inventory control.

The new Unilion range is available in a wide variety of materials, spring options and design configurations to cover temperature applications ranging from cryogenic to +300°C, resistance to corrosive or aggressive media and pressures up to 103MPa/15,000psi to provide a high-performance answer to fluid sealing problems where conventional products fail to give the integrity or reliability required.

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06 February 2017

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