Easter public holiday schedule

  • Gasket manufacturing will be closed Friday 10th to Monday 13th.
  • Plastics manufacturing will be closed Friday 10th to Monday 13th.
  • Elastomer manufacturing will be closed Friday 10th and Monday 13th but in full production over the weekend.
  • Metal machining will be running normal shift patterns across the whole weekend.
  • Sales/technical offices will be closed in some territories Friday 10th to Monday 13th, but in these cases the main contact number will be monitored for emergency calls.

8th April 2020

South Africa

James Walker South Africa has received notification of essential supplier status to support continuous operation from key national customers in the nuclear power, chemical processing, paper and pulp, and oil and gas industries. This follows the State President’s announcement and the extra-ordinary measures that the government has put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, including a 21 day lockdown period effective 24H00 on 26th March 2020.

2nd April 2020

Priority service

Across all James Walker manufacturing sites and service centres a priority service is now fully in place, offering additional assistance for all customers with orders linked to essential services or COVID-19 linked projects. ‘Priority’ covers all services including technical assistance, applications and material engineering, product and material testing, manufacturing and ex-stock logistics. Technical assistance for customers facing sealing issues remains available via Skype or video link - an increasingly common and popular practice even before the current crisis.

2nd April 2020

UK Government announcement: What it means for James Walker

Following the announcement of further movement restrictions by the UK Government on Monday 23rd March, the direct business impact on James Walker remains rated as low and we continue to supply critical components and services to industries and applications around the world that are required in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) and for the maintenance of essential services throughout this crisis.

  • Where possible sales, administration, IT and technical personnel worldwide who are able to work from home are now doing so and can be reached via their usual contact details.
  • Our manufacturing and service centres have implemented a wide range of measures to reduce risks to our people, including changes to shift patterns that mean fewer people are on site at any one time, which should make it possible to observe the necessary strict social distancing requirements.
  • Our UK manufacturing units are fully equipped to carry out their own deep-cleaning should anyone affected by the virus be found to have been on site, allowing any affected production cell to be placed back in operation, swiftly and safely.
  • We are operating a 'star chamber' prioritisation process for manufacturing, with daily situation assessments to try and ensure that strategic sectors and organisations involved in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) or maintenance of essential services are given a preferential manufacturing service.
  • We are maintaining a continuous dialogue with our raw material supply chain to ensure any potential issues are flagged at the earliest possible point.
  • In line with our usual policies, we are contacting customers immediately if there is any potential change from the quoted delivery terms.

We continue to monitor the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and adjust our response accordingly within the guidelines imposed by local government as it applies to our manufacturing, sales and technical services businesses around the globe.

25th March 2020

Business continuity during the current pandemic

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on business and daily life is evolving rapidly. Currently, as James Walker is predominately a UK manufacturing company, we are able to commit to all our supply obligations and are experiencing minimal impact on the supply chain. As you will appreciate this situation is subject to continual change.

We are committed to protecting our employees and continuing to provide the best possible service during these unprecedented times for as long as our manufacturing, logistics and technical teams are able to continue working and are not prevented from doing so by emergency restrictions.

Throughout this pandemic crisis James Walker is implementing measures, in addition to those mandated by local authorities, to help protect employees and their families as well as customers and suppliers. Perhaps the biggest impact of these measures is the change in lines of communication, with electronic options taking over from personal contact.

We are also providing priority assistance for any requirements involved in servicing applications/industries that are critical to the fight against the virus and its effects on daily life. Our supply chain working group meets on a daily basis to review the situation and prioritises each case on its merits. If you believe you have such an instance, please make it known to your James Walker contact.

To help keep our customers and supply chain up to date on the latest position of our business around the globe, including how to access product, technical and sales support, we will be publishing regular updates on this website page. This will provide a central source of information to help you understand the latest situation and allow you to make informed decisions.

We appreciate that things are going to be difficult for all businesses but please rest assured that James Walker is here, ready to assist and will maintain an open dialogue with all customers as we navigate through this situation. If at any time you have any concerns whatsoever, we urge you to contact your local James Walker company or usual business contact.

18th March 2020

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