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Stem sealing in a molten salt globe control valve


Valve OEM looking to test and validate 6" class 900 globe valve for high temperature molten salt application.

Initial product trials with existing packing failed in-house gas and hydrostatic tests, as well as 3rd party molten salt tests with extensive, unacceptable leakages at the valve stem.

Over 12 months lost in development and testing, leading to a delayed project and significant additional costs. 


 6" class 900 molten salt control globe valve stem critical sealing.

  • Test temperature: 500°C (932°F)
  • Test media: Molten Salt
  • Test pressure: 30 bar (435 psi)
  • Stem diameter: 24 mm
  • Total mechanical cycles run: 6500
  • Gland follower load: 45 Nm
Existing solution

Flexitallic Thermiculite TR160/894 packing.

James Walker solution

James Walker recommended Supagraf HT, a state-of-the-art stem packing designed for ultra-high temperature valves handling molten salt. Its unique design with premium high purity graphite packing rings combined with high temperature resistant, thermally stable and mechanically robust DS Pro mica spacers, working as protection barrier and insulation of graphite, delivers the solution that can effectively address molten salt sealing challenges linked to graphite oxidation, leakages due to expansion and contraction of valve metal components during thermal cycles or corrosion and provides long service life in critical molten salt applications.

Results and benefits

The results significantly exceeded customer expectation and the required test acceptance criteria, providing strong performance data to prove the valve reliability in molten salt applications.


Subsequently, new business opportunities opened up for a key EPC company in the solar energy sector.

Provided high controllability and longer valve service life
Increased competitiveness of customers' valve
Opened up future opportunities in the solar energy sector
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Supagraf® HT

An ultra‑high temperature resistant packing suitable for critical valves handling high temperature media such as molten salts used in solar thermal power generation.

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