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Working in partnership with OEMs and plant engineers to create solutions that help optimise running time and mill speeds whilst also keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Our Walkersele range is highly proven for bearing protection on hot rolling mills. This is emphasised by the greatly extended sealing life of Walkersele Ultraglide when working at high speeds and temperatures in abrasive environments. These seals are available in our patented OSJ format for on-site joining of a seal around a shaft without stripping down the housing or shaft. This saves days of maintenance time and plant shutdown, without loss of sealing integrity or operational life.

In addition, our Walkersele SpringSafe variant ensures that lip-energising springs are properly located at installation and cannot readily be dislodged where they might create secondary damage when a shaft or bearing runs beyond recommended operating limits.

James Walker has supplied metal band retained seals for no-twist rod mills for over 25 years, working with OEMs to ensure the required levels of operational performance, accuracy and ease of fitting were achieved.

Through our detailed understanding of the work involved in the fitting of NTRM seals, we sought to develop a solution that would reduce the effort and time required for seal replacement during maintenance. In some instances our innovative flexible retaining band now allows gearbox seals to be rapidly replaced in-situ, but even when gearboxes are removed to the workshop for overhaul, the fact that these seals can be replaced and correctly aligned more easily and quickly than traditional metal band retained versions without the need for specialist tools, provides maintenance and operational benefits.

To support our customers’ requirements for high performance materials to withstand today’s higher levels of abrasion, higher temperatures and higher constant running speeds we have developed a range of materials formulated to enhance performance in the required areas and are suitable for self-retaining seals or for seals where housings are fitted with retaining plates.

The range includes industry-leading Ultraglide, our original low friction, high-efficiency material with over 10 years of proven performance in providing significantly extended working life in high speed and high temperature applications; Millglide our cost-effective HNBR choice for standard applications where assured performance is required to fulfil maintenance regimes and Supaglide HNBR, which offers improved performance and wear resistance under higher running speed operations. 

James Walker elastomer compounds for the metallurgical industry are compatible with our existing tooling and production methods, which means seals can be manufactured without delay with existing moulds from our extensive tooling library, including the most popular Walkersele profiles.

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