James Walker

We are a dynamic global manufacturing organisation that supplies a vast range of high performance fluid sealing products and associated knowledge-based services to virtually every sector of industry.

Our activities range from research and development, product application, manufacture and supply, to plant monitoring, on-site maintenance and seal refurbishment.

An intimate knowledge of the industrial plant and processes used by our customers worldwide enables us to solve their fluid sealing problems with best value systems designed to minimise total cost of ownership.

Latest from James Walker

James Walker extends range of spring-energised PTFE seals

With the launch of Unilion we now offer a full range of precision-engineered products that meet the toughest requirements for reliable, high-integrity sealing.

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The next generation of materials for the oil and gas industry

As the oil and gas industry faces increasingly harsh and extreme operating conditions, the technology employed has to evolve in order to meet the new demands.

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