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Chemical & petrochemical

Our continued research and development has improved fluid sealing techniques and reduced plant downtime for process operators. This has produced many technological break‑throughs that have been welcomed by environmentally conscious companies worldwide.

We manufacture an extensive range of packings that caters for all known operating conditions with valves, rotary or reciprocating pumps and similar plant. Products are based on the latest man-made yarns, PTFE and high purity exfoliated graphite, as well as natural fibres and metal foils. 

Our premium Supagraf range of graphite-based packing products is commonly specified for fugitive emissions control use in valves and has earned a well-deserved reputation as best available technology for engineers seeking to minimise fugitive emissions on processing plant including oxygen service.

Compression (braided) packing ranges

Our ranges of sheet jointings and flat gaskets cover virtually all fluid handling requirements. Our Metakamm kammprofile, Insolion flange isolation gaskets and Metaflex spiral wound gaskets are used for high temperature and high pressure pipeline / vessel duties throughout the chemical and petrochemical sectors. They handle high flow rates and vibration levels that are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials.

Gasket ranges

Our Tankatite range has been developed to meet the increasingly stringent international regulations that cover the maritime transport of chemical and potentially hazardous cargoes. This range of length-style resilient packings is designed to seal tank lids on marine applications, static tanks, road and rail tankers, and ISO containers.

Specific grades are available for heated cargoes, higher lid pressures and handling aggressive cargoes under an inert gas blanket.

Tankatite tank lid packings

Dedicated to the precision manufacturing of high-performance metallic components for primary seal use in the most demanding applications. Our machine centre specialises in the high-precision machining of geometrically complex components in exotic alloys.

We also manufacture custom and industry standard metallic gaskets. Manufactured under API licence, these metal seals conform to both ASME and API standards. Products include R, RX and BX ring joints, as well as lens, convex, wedge, double-cone and weld ring metal gaskets.

Critical metallic sealing

Our Devlon materials are amongst the toughest and hardest-wearing thermoplastics - ideal for manufacturing components such as valve seats and spring energised seals for applications where pressures and temperatures are too extreme for elastomer materials. Key benefits of using engineered thermoplastic materials are;

  • Resistant to impact and shock loading
  • Zero corrosion; resistant to water absorption and mould growth
  • Low friction
  • One-sixth the weight of bronze
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Extensive cost savings

Engineering thermoplastics

RotaBolt stud and bolt tension monitoring systems. RotaBolt accurately measure tension so that it can be correctly achieved, maintained and monitored. These are used where the failure of a bolted system could have serious health and safety, environmental or financial consequences. RotaBolt tension monitoring with visual, tactile or wireless monitoring options is utilised in pipeline, pressure vessel and structural applications.

Load indicating bolting


Flange management

In addition to a comprehensive, industry leading product range, we also offer on-site engineering services, supervision and consultancy. Our flange management solution is a system that evaluates bad actors, problematic and critical path joints using the knowledge gained from over 30 years of dealing with clients’ most important bolted connections.

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Flange management


Whilst a decision on the proposed PFAS regulation, and the likely timeline for implementation, are still being considered by the ECHA, James Walker is proactively looking at, and qualifying, alternative materials and working with its suppliers to ensure sealing materials are available that will offer the required levels of performance and be compliant with any proposed regulations.

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