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Bearing strips & wipers

Bearing strips and wipers suitable for use in medium and heavy‑duty applications.

Bearing Strips are designed to act as supporting guides for pistons and rods, preventing metal to metal contact of system components. These strips, often manufactured in materials such as PTFE, have excellent low friction performance qualities to help minimise stick-slip motion behaviour, allowing the hydraulic unit to work smoothly.

Hydraulic cylinders operate in a variety of applications and environmental conditions, which leaves them exposed to weather conditions and contamination from dust, particulate matter and moisture. To prevent such elements from entering the hydraulic system assembly, wiper seals / scrapers are used as part of the sealing configuration.

Wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the piston rod at all times, scraping the surface when it moves, cleaning the rod of any particulate matter that might have accumulated.


Hydraulic seal size charts

Size charts for our most popular hydraulic sealing products.

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Hydraulic seal size charts

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