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In‑house formulation and compounding provide the capability to tailor materials to match application requirements.

The science of compounding is regarded by many as a ‘black art’ with technologists worldwide striving to perpetuate this mysticism. Although many manufacturers may base their compounds and seals on the same polymer, the end results can be vastly different performance characteristics - in extreme cases as disparate as short-term failure compared with long-term reliability.

Working with a partner renowned for materials expertise as well as application specific knowledge can go a long way in helping to extract the maximum benefits of elastomer performance. At our Materials Technology Centre in the UK, we develop and compound our own elastomer materials, holding over 300 unique formulations including many bespoke developments for specific industries and customer applications.

Having the capability to formulate and compound our own materials gives us total control and traceability through every stage of the manufacturing process. Coupled with our comprehensive testing facilities for both materials and end products, this offers customers total peace of mind the our solution will perform as required.

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Whilst a decision on the proposed PFAS regulation, and the likely timeline for implementation, are still being considered by the ECHA, James Walker is proactively looking at, and qualifying, alternative materials and working with its suppliers to ensure sealing materials are available that will offer the required levels of performance and be compliant with any proposed regulations.

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