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Sealing solutions to meet the challenges of valves and process equipment operating in cryogenic conditions.

Effective sealing in cryogenic applications

Cryogenic media is often associated with liquid natural gas (LNG), although it could also mean liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, and liquid hydrogen.

To transport such media these gases are frequently liquefied at very low temperatures below -150°C and carried in tankers as liquefied gas, which in turn can present several challenges and considerations for seals, including dimensional stability, expansion coefficients, cold set, friction and wear resistance over the life of the product.

Due to these considerations, selecting the correct materials and seal types to satisfy these extreme and challenging conditions is vital to providing safety and long lasting performance. James Walker’s in house capabilities are able to provide peace of mind and complete control from every step of the process through seal selection, design, manufacture and testing.

James Walker's involvement in cryogenic technology includes the development of specialised seals and gaskets that are used in cryogenic equipment such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, liquid hydrogen valves, storage tanks, and transfer lines.

These seals and gaskets are designed and tested to operate effectively in extreme low-temperature environments and to withstand the thermal cycling that occurs during the cryogenic process.

When selecting products for specific application, please review each product’s capabilities against the specific working conditions of your application or provide the details to JW for suitable product selection.

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