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We have a long‑established pedigree in solving sealing, bolting, vibration and acoustic attenuation challenges for the defence industry.

Our experience in extreme application conditions and safety critical systems has cemented our longstanding partnership with the defence industry, which we can trace right back to our roots. Our business started with the development and supply of fluid sealing products to improve the safety and efficiency of the ‘new’ high pressure, high temperature steam engines used by naval and commercial fleets. Since then, our long-established pedigree in high performance sealing technology has led us to supply many generations of products used by naval, air and ground forces as well as civil aerospace.

Think of us less as a supplier and more as an extension of your own engineering department. When you engage James Walker on a design and engineering project, we expect you to treat us like your own people. After all, we are working towards the same end and by integrating our physical and human resources we can get there so much faster. For the defence and aerospace industries we have a number of high performance materials, innovative sealing solutions and due to our facilities, are also able to offer custom products and assemblies supported by design, validation, prototyping and testing.

James Walker is fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register for the defence and aerospace industries. James Walker has also achieved the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus security certification, which is seen as a leading indication of corporate responsibility in terms of securing the company’s systems for the handling and storage of information and a required standard for many UK Government and Ministry of Defence supply chain contracts.


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Our high-integrity hydraulic seals for rods/glands and pistons provide optimum equipment performance for almost every application. We mould seals in a wide range of standard and high performance elastomers, and custom-compound special materials for specific duties. Our products are used for control systems as well as heavy duty equipment on bow doors and deck gear.

Hydraulic products

We manufacture O-rings in over 100 general and high performance elastomers, and stock many thousands of types and sizes of rings in our most popular materials for immediate delivery. Customised material and sizes are readily supplied. Typical duties include hydraulic systems, hatches, diesel engine cylinder liners and heads, fuel systems, pumps and valves.


Backed by the latest technology and an ongoing commitment to training and development, our team has an unrivalled expertise in the machining of complex, thin-walled seals and components in a range of high specification alloys and titanium. 

Metakamm Kammprofile and Metaflex spiral wound gaskets are specified for pressure vessels, pipelines and hydraulic plant where the temperature, pressure, flow rates or vibration are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials. Our metal ring joints conform to both ASME and API standards. Products include R, RX and BX ring joints, as well as lens, convex, wedge, double-cone and weld ring metal gaskets.

Critical metallic sealing and gasket and ring joints

Our range of Devlon materials is amongst the toughest and most hardest-wearing thermoplastics available, in addition to which we have complementary material ranges including our PTFE-based Fluolion grades plus nylons, acetal and PEEK. Commonly specified for applications such as bushes for heavy duty vehicles or sheaves for launch and recovery systems.

Engineered thermoplastics

Our extensive range of compression packing covers every marine and shore-based gland sealing duty - from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and valves to rudder posts and stern glands. As well as highly-advanced synthetic fibre packings such as Supagraf Premier and Control VOC emission control products, we also manufacture a traditional marine packing.

Compression (braided) packing

It is our ability to develop materials then apply, design and manufacture components with them that gives us world-class status in the field of fluid sealing technology and the manufacture of various other items for industry. We process 10 elastomer types in over 70 specification grades for high-integrity fluid seals and other precision moulded components needed by the aerospace and defence sectors. 



Whilst a decision on the proposed PFAS regulation, and the likely timeline for implementation, are still being considered by the ECHA, James Walker is proactively looking at, and qualifying, alternative materials and working with its suppliers to ensure sealing materials are available that will offer the required levels of performance and be compliant with any proposed regulations.

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