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The benefits of using the correct seal material

There are numerous human factors that can influence the integrity of a sealing joint and lead to possible leakage.

Friday, 13 May 2022

In a biopharmaceutical environment, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. The seals may be a small part in a large and complex process, but the benefits that can result from choosing the correct seal material, designed for the application and combined with the correct installation procedure, are numerous:

Reduced gasket replacement:
Due to well-engineered material properties and excellent long term stability and sealability.

Extended maintenance periods with corresponding significantly reduced maintenance costs:
Due to excellent long term sealability, reducing the requirement for human intervention.

Reduced downtime, longer uptime:
Low compression set material with excellent long term sealability.

Greater return on investment:
Longer run times and increased output, supporting continuous manufacturing.

Confidence in system integrity:
No need to re-torque due to low compression set material.

Increased productivity:
Due to shorter downtime as a result of material being specifically engineered for the application.

Reduced possibility of leakage:
Low compression set material that does not move under load.

No need to re-torque:
Resulting in reduced maintenance costs, mitigating risk associated with human intervention.

Reduced effort investigating non-compliance and failure:
Full traceability of material and processing.

Easier, more reliable, clean in place (CIP):
No intrusion, reducing risk of contamination.

Reduced potential for contamination:
Good mechanical properties and no intrusion.

Working with a partner renowned for materials expertise as well as application specific knowledge can go a long way in helping to realise these benefits.

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