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Media & Environments

Sealing solutions to improve reliability, safety, environmental protection and service life in pipelines and process equipment.

Effective sealing of fluid media across all operating conditions

Here at James Walker we possess the expertise and experience plus the development, testing and manufacturing facilities to create sealing solutions capable of withstanding the harshest of operating / media combinations.

From extremes of temperature and thermal cycling to highly aggressive and corrosive media or extreme pressures and associated rapid decompression events, OEMs and end users around the world across all industries have relied on James Walker for over 140 years to provide effective sealing solutions.

When selecting products for specific application, please review each product’s capabilities against the specific working conditions of your application or provide the details to JW for suitable product selection.

Expert to Expert

Want to discuss your project, engineering or materials challenge expert to expert? Simply provide us with your contact details and a little information about the application you are working on, and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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