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Devlon® engineered plastic ROV bucket for API subsea valve


Customer currently uses metal ROV (remotely operated vehicle) buckets which tend to be very expensive and very heavy when fitted onto smaller valves weighing between 15-20 kg depending upon design. This leads to issues when fitting in the workshop, installing subsea and adding hidden costs to shipping compared with thermoplastic versions of this item. Due to how the metal buckets are manufactured there is also a very long lead time which impacts on delivery of the customer’s projects.


Subsea compact 10,000 psi APi 2 - 1/16" ball valve

  • Class 4 operation at 2711 Nm
  • Temp range: -18°C to +45°C
  • Tested in accordance to ISO 13628-8
Existing solution

Metal ROV bucket with additional anti-corrosion coatings and paint treatments.

James Walker solution

A Devlon V-API ROV round face bucket design was recommended as a solution for this application.

Using a thermoplastic solution offered a huge reduction in weight and meant that other processes associated with using metal buckets, such as welding, paints and anti-corrosion layers, weren’t required. Removing all of these stages in the supply chain meant that the ROV buckets could be supplied directly from one location at a greatly reduced lead time.

Results and benefits

Using the subsea proven Devlon ROV bucket has given the customer a weight saving of over 10 kg per bucket - weighing in at only 4.5 kg, massively helping with buoyancy and installation issues experienced with the metal designs.


As the material is thermoplastic no coating or welding is required - lowering the cost and reducing the lead time for the parts. This has allowed the project to be supplied on a reduced time scale.


Improved operational efficiency due to ease of installation
Reduced weight of overall design
Significantly reduced lead time
Reduced cost due to no welding or coating
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ROV buckets

Devlon ROV buckets, manufactured in Devlon V-API, provide docking, torque reaction, alignment and socket mating for ROV deployed rotary tools and connectors.

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