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Supagraf® 100FXI CS fitting guide

Fitting guide for Supagraf 100FXI CS gland combination packing set for valves requiring high performance fugitive emissions control.

James Walker product fitting guides are compiled from the detailed knowledge and experience of our product and application engineering teams. These guides focus specifically on the actions required to fit the James Walker product concerned to a standard item of relevant equipment. We cannot take into account customisations, wear and tear on equipment, etc. and would advise that you contact us if you have any doubts about how to proceed at any stage.

Best engineering practice

Always follow best engineering practice, use the correct tools for the job and refer to and follow the instructions provided by equipment manufacturers when disassembling and reassembling any items of plant and equipment.


Always ensure equipment is suitably isolated / depressurised and off-line before commencing any work, that all site health and safety procedures are being followed including, but not limited to, safety procedures around lifting, support of items, contact with hazardous substances and supervision of work.

Contact your local James Walker company or your plant and equipment OEM if you have any doubts over any stage of product removal or fitting.


Supagraf 100FXI CS fitting guide

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