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Insolion® FS

The Insolion FS gasket is James Walker's premium performance fire safe isolation gasket and utilises a patent pending triple seal design.

  • Cryogenic
  • LNG

This premium performance fire safe isolation gasket incorporates a coated metallic core housing a modified u-shaped TFM seal energised with a phynox spring in a patent pending triple seal design.

Tested and approved by a third party test house to API 6FB 3rd Edition fire test, this product also significantly surpasses the fugitive emissions requirements of Shell MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.2 Class A.

On the inside and outside of this seal are two kammprofile sections, the inner is faced with James Walker's Fluolion 800 modified PTFE material, and the outer with DS Pro, a proprietary high temperature material. G11 GRE material is used to face the outer section of the metallic core.

Each Insolion FS flange isolation kit is supplied with G11 bolt sleeves and a unique washer combination consisting of a metallic washer and James Walker's specially modified high temperature material.

Insolion FS combines exceptional chemical compatibility and electrical isolation with the capability of maintaining sealing performance after API 6FB 3rd Edition fire test.

  • Flange isolation for cryogenic applications / LNG service
  • Media compatibility with natural gas, oils, other hydrocarbon media and many corrosive environment
  • Specified for plant wide use on the majority of flange specifications including ASME, JIS, EN, BS and DIN
  • Flange insulation and electrical isolation in conjunction with cathodic protection
  • Insulation between dissimilar metals/flanges to prevent galvanic corrosion

  • Maximum temperature: +180°C (+356°F)
  • Minimum temperature: -45°C (-50°F)
  • Maximum pressure: 69 MPa/690 bar (10000 psi) (ASME Class 2500)

  • API 6FB 3rd Edition Fire Test
  • Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.2
  • Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.5
  • Shell MESC SPE 85/300 2017 3.3.15
  • ExxonMobil approved manufacturer

  • Insolion FS can be supplied in sizes from NB 1/2" to 40" diameter to match the majority of flange specifications and can be manufactured in IBC and full face styles
  • Custom dimensions and sizing options are available upon request
  • Insolion FS is supplied as a kit suitable for the specific flange size and class rating required. This kit includes:
  1. Insolion FS gasket
  2. G11 bolt sleeves
  3. Isolating washers in modified high temperature DS Pro material
  4. Metallic backup washers in 316 stainless steel
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