Cartridge Seal Systems

How does it work?

At the heart of KlickFix is a unique system - with International PCT Patent - for deploying individual lips in sequence.

What is KlickFixMultiple low friction PTFE lips are stored within the cartridge body and can be activated in seconds without any need for stripdown or equipment adjustment. Low friction seal contact means greatly reduced requirement for flush (non-abrasive applications may not require flush at all).

A KlickFix cartridge unit has no moving parts or brittle sealing faces to disturb. It can tolerate intermittent process faults and dry running conditions that would normally cause catastrophic failure within many traditional mechanical seals.

As the lip in use gradually wears, any leakage is stemmed in a matter of seconds by deploying the next stored lip. A simple ‘click’ to ‘fix’ operation with no specialist technical knowledge required. With a traditional mechanical seal the task of changing sealing elements or faces can cost many hours of expensive down time and skilled maintenance input.

When eventually all the lips are exhausted (and this could be a period many times longer than the service intervals required by mechanical seals or compression packings), the unit can be swiftly refurbished onsite using a simple refurbishing kit. These kits contain the small number of required parts and are readily available from your local James Walker company.

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