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Metallic expansion joints

Metallic expansion joints are installed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion and vibration.

Metallic expansion joints are installed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion and vibration whilst containing the system pressure.

They are highly engineered products that need to conform to one of the industry codes such as AD Merkblatt or EJMA. Under the guidance of these codes, James Walker offers a complete range of Comflex® metallic expansion joints together with the ability to design joints to individual customer requirements. They can be customised to any dimensions, both circular and rectangular.

  • Comflex® standard products
  • Standard size range: 15 - 5500 mm
  • Standard pressure range: 0.1 - 6 MPa

James Walker engineers will be pleased to advise on the application and installation of expansion joints to meet customers’ particular requirements.

Common designs include:

  • Axial bellows (AR)
  • Unrestrained double bellows (UD)
  • Double-hinged stainless steel bellows (HD)
  • Tied double stainless steel bellows (TD)
  • Single-hinged stainless steel bellows (HS)
  • Externally pressurised stainless steel bellows (AE)
  • Gimbal stainless steel bellows (GS)
  • Pressure balanced stainless steel bellows (PB)
  • Stainless steel bellows for HVAC systems (AS)
  • Max Comp bellows (MC)

James Walker operates a quality assurance system in accordance ISO 9001:1994. The bellows undergo both destructive and non-destructive testing on machines which repeat controlled sets of movements under predetermined conditions of temperature and pressure. Hydraulic testing determines deformation and bursting pressures. Resonance search tests are also carried out on vibration equipment. Full X-ray, dye penetrant and halogen leak tests are available in addition to the 1.5 P hydraulic pressure test to which each standard assembly is subjected.


Fabric expansion joints

Our fabric expansion joints ensure efficient, safe and prolonged plant operation.

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High pressure moulded rubber bellows

Moulded rubber bellows are used to transport a wide rage of media through pipes and piping systems. 

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Custom‑made elastomeric expansion joints

James Walker has extensive experience manufacturing custom‑made elastomeric expansion joints for various applications.

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