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Seal fitting

Improving efficiency and extending the life of plant and equipment with the minimum of downtime.

Our teams of field-based engineers can provide a range of maintenance and inspection services to not only save time and money, but help improve efficiency and safety.

Many critical seals can be removed and replaced in-situ. This mitigates the need for large scale disassembly of plant and equipment, thereby improving efficiency and extending the life of the asset.

Rapid mobilisation anywhere in the world is possible through our global network of technical and customer support centres.

The majority of a turbine's critical seals can be removed and replaced in-situ. The following seals can all be installed without the requirement for large scale disassembly, avoiding the impracticalities of removing the main turbine hub, gearbox or bearings, thereby improving efficiency and extending the life of the asset.

Additionally, our on-site services at hydro power stations include (but are not limited to) the inspection, installation and replacement of:

  • Turbine blade root seals
  • Main shaft seals
  • Servomotor gland seals
  • Wicket gate seals
  • Main inlet ball and butterfly valve seals
  • Gearbox seals
  • Expansion joints
  • Critical bolted connections

Specialists in marine propulsion and motion sealing, our engineers can design or reverse engineer, disassemble, install and assemble an extensive range of seal and gasket connections, providing a turnkey on-site service of a vessel's mechanical, rotary and hydraulic seals, tank lid and valve packing and thermal insulation wraps.

Our service engineers undertake the On-Site Joining (OSJ) and vulcanizing of a vessel's critical underwater applications, where seal failure simply cannot be tolerated, carrying with them unrivalled experience in key sealing applications such as:

  • Main shaft bearing seals; azimuth pod and traditional propeller drive systems
  • Rudder propeller swivel bearing seals
  • Stabiliser seals
  • Variable pitch propeller blades - blade root seals
  • Rudderpost seals
  • Stern gland seals
  • Bulkhead seals
  • Expansion joints (gas turbine engines etc.)
  • Gasket manufacture, supply and installation

Although our KlickFix pump shaft cartridge seal is designed for simple installation and refurbishment by our customers, we also offer a full turnkey option covering initial pump inspection and measuring to create a manufacturing specification for the custom cartridge through to installation, commissioning and, when required once all the sealing lips have been used, refurbishment and refit of the cartridge.

With the vast majority of seal failures caused by incorrect fitting or seal specification, we offer full support across the board with our sealing products. From telephone and online advice on material and seal type selection through supervision of installation, or installation by our own engineering teams, to training of our customers' personnel in how products work, how to install them, maintain and replace them.

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