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High recovery gaskets

High recovery kammprofile type gasket with unique wave‑form core construction.

The Metakamm ActiVate gasket offers superior sealing performance for critical heat exchanger, piping and valve bonnet flange applications due to its unique grooved wave metal core that delivers outstanding compression and recovery characteristics. This core is supplemented by a choice of cover layers including high-purity graphite, PTFE and phlogopite.


Metakamm ActiVate datasheet


Type CK and LGK kammprofile semi-metallic gasket with wave design metallic core

Available core materials: • 304 • 304L • 316 • 316L • 310 • 321 • 347

Standard cover layers:

  • Flexible Graphite - 98% oxidation inhibited / 99% ultra-pure nuclear grade
  • PTFE - Expanded / Structured / Modified
  • Phlogopite - (Mica)

Heat exchangers, piping, boilers, reactors, vessels and valve bonnet flanges

Compatible with HP steam, hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals within hydrocarbon, chemical processing and renewable energy sectors

Suitable for sealing in applications with large temperature variances or thermal cycling such as sealing molten salt media in solar power generation plants.

3rd party tested and validated for use in cryogenic services

Suitable for hydrogen service up to 100% concentration

Suitable for standard ASME, EN, JIS and DIN flanges

Maximum temperature: +550°C (+1022°F) subject to material choice and operational environment

Minimum temperature: Cryogenic and below

Maximum pressure: 35 MPa/350 bar (5076 psi) 

Third party tested and validated by James Walker for use in hydrogen and cryogenic service

TA Luft (complies with the tightness criteria of 10-4 mbar.l/m.s of VDI guideline 2200 and 2440)

API 6FB fire safe approved (Flexible graphite cover layer)

MESC SPE 85/203

MESC SPE 85/300

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How it works - Metakamm ActiVate high recovery gasket


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