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Bolting services

On‑site supervision, installation or monitoring of bolting and tension indicating fasteners.

Our teams of experienced engineers are available on a global basis to supervise or carry out bolting installation, maintenance or tightness checks to ensure that your plant, equipment and structures remain leak free and structurally sound.

From pipeline flanges and heat exchangers to pressure vessels, wind turbine towers and cranes, our engineers will ensure that products and processes are in place to the relevant application and industry codes whether utilising James Walker RotaBolt products or customer supplied bolting components.


Bolting consultancy

Creating solutions that will optimise structural integrity and reliability or provide a leak free joint.

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Bolting consultancy

Expert to Expert

Want to discuss your project, engineering or materials challenge expert to expert? Simply provide us with your contact details and a little information about the application you are working on, and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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