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This sequentially deployable multi‑lip sealing cartridge is an innovative alternative to mechanical seals and compression packing for sealing pump shafts and other rotating plant.

KlickFix is a new alternative to mechanical seals and compression packings for pump shaft sealing.

Removing the need for large volumes of flush water that can be required by mechanical seals and replacing the risk of sudden catastrophic failure with controlled, predictable performance.

The KlickFix system eliminates the need for the continual adjustment and tightening associated with compression packings, whilst the low friction seal lips also reduce potential shaft wear. The multiple sealing lips, which are a feature of the system, are safely stored until required and then can be rapidly deployed, preventing leakage and bringing plant back into service with minimal process interruption.


KlickFix product guide

  • Easy and quick to install - no special tools or expertise required
  • Multiple sealing lips offer extended operational life
  • Stored sealing lips can be deployed in seconds - plant back in service with minimal process interruption
  • Predictable performance allows accurate planning of maintenance
  • Long, trouble-free life, predictable in operation
  • Easy on-site refurbishment and return to service
  • Simple seal element refurbishment kit reduces cost of spares stockholding
  • Low flush flow rate/consumption in abrasive applications (typically 0.1-0.15 l/min 0.26-0.40 US gal/min)
  • Tolerant of dry running - can periodically run without flush
  • Operates with a wide range of media due to PTFE sealing elements
  • No/low leakage
  • No adjustment required
  • Minimises environmental impact by reducing flush requirements
  • Simple/robust design with no moving parts
  • Centrifugal process pumps and other rotary machinery
  • Shaft sizes 38 mm to 115 mm (1½" to 4½")
  • Shaft running surface is 0.1 to 0.4 μmRa surface finish and 60 HRC hardness
  • Maximum run-out 0.10 mm (0.004") total indicated run-out (TIR)

Multiple low friction PTFE lips are stored within the cartridge body and can be activated in seconds without any need for stripdown or equipment adjustment. Low friction seal contact means greatly reduced requirement for flush (non-abrasive applications may not require flush at all).

As the lip in use gradually wears, any leakage is stemmed in a matter of seconds by deploying the next stored lip. A simple ‘click’ to ‘fix’ operation with no specialist technical knowledge required. With a traditional mechanical seal the task of changing sealing elements or faces can cost many hours of expensive down time and skilled maintenance input.

KlickFix cartridge seal

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Product features and construction

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KlickFix - Product features and construction
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Cartridge refurbishment

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KlickFix - Cartridge refurbishment
Klickfix video


Seal deployment

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KlickFix - Seal deployment
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KlickFix fitting guide

Installation and operating guide for KlickFix cartridge seal.

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KlickFix fitting guide

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