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Flange isolation gaskets

By optimising the material specification and design of each component that makes up an Insolion gasket we have produced an isolation gasket kit with the widest possible performance envelope.

The combination of materials used in the construction of Insolion gaskets provides a corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free solution that offers protection to flange faces from media-induced corrosion.

  • Modified PTFE chosen for its advanced mechanical properties and improved resistance to permeation
  • All Insolion isolation gaskets are supplied in kit form complete with the necessary isolating sleeves and washers
  • A complete range of materials to suit all temperatures, with precision engineering and stringent quality regimes ensuring the highest possible standards of operational product performance.

Insolion gaskets offer an effective seal between mismatched ring-joint and raised-face flanges where temperatures or pressures are unsuited to the use of phenolic gaskets.

  • Production fields and offshore
  • Pipeline and distribution piping
  • Refineries
  • LNG and SNG systems
  • Petroleum facilities

Shell TAT approval
Our Insolion G10, G11 and FS (fire-safe) variants have all been third party tested and approved, significantly outperforming the fugitive emissions requirements of Shell MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.2 Class A. (Copies of the relevant Shell TAT approval certificates are available on request). In addition, Insolion FS has also been tested and approved by a third party test house to API 6FB 3rd Edition fire test.


Insolion® flange isolation guide

Details of all products in our Insolion flange isolation range plus information on how they work, what they do, how they perform and what materials and designs make them so special.

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Insolion® flange isolation guide

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