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O‑rings for oil and gas applications

Supplied in over 100 general and high‑specification grades of elastomer including ranges of low‑temperature and rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant materials.

  • Oil & Gas

The O-ring, or toroidal seal, is an exceptionally versatile sealing device and the world’s most popular volume-produced seal.

James Walker has been making high specification O-rings since this sealing method was introduced in the 1930s and we currently hold more than one million O-rings in stock in popular sizes and materials ready for same-day despatch. With an inventory of more than 10,000 moulds, we can usually supply non-stocked O-rings within days.

  • Suit many static and dynamic duties
  • Occupy minimal space
  • Will seal in both directions
  • Are compatible with most fluid media
  • Elastomeric O-rings can function between –65°C and +327°C (–85°F and +620°F) dependent on material selection
  • PTFE O-rings can perform at temperatures down to –200°C (–328°F)

We precision mould O-rings in over 100 grades of high performance and general purpose elastomers to international, national or industry standards, as well as to custom specifications.

The following materials have been specially developed to provide the highest levels of performance in oil and gas applications:

Vermilion One - FKM - ultra low temperatures and methanol resistance

Vermilion Two - FKM - methanol and RGD resistance

Vermilion Three - FKM - sour and RGD resistance across broad temperature range

FR25/90 - FKM - RGD and sour resistance

Vermilion Four - FKM - RGD and sour resistance

FR58/90 - FKM - RGD resistance at larger cross-sections

Vermilion Five - HNBR - low temperature and RGD resistance

Elast-O-Lion 985 - HNBR - low temperature with superior mechanical qualities

Vermilion Six - FEPM - resistance to RGD and chemical attack

AF69/90 - FEPM - resistance to chemical and sour conditions

Vermilion Seven - HNBR - RGD resistance at higher temperatures

Elast-O-Lion 101 - HNBR - RGD and abrasion resistance

Our materials scientists and applications engineers are always happy to discuss material choice to suit your specific application requirements.

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Whilst a decision on the proposed PFAS regulation, and the likely timeline for implementation, are still being considered by the ECHA, James Walker is proactively looking at, and qualifying, alternative materials and working with its suppliers to ensure sealing materials are available that will offer the required levels of performance and be compliant with any proposed regulations.

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