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Our people

We put people at the heart of amazing engineering.

At James Walker we recognise that our people are critical to the success of our business.

In order for us to deliver the best customer experience and optimum business performance, we are committed to ensuring that we have engaged and enabled people in the right place at the right time. What's more, we understand that to thrive and succeed, we must make sure that our people are equipped with the right skills, equipment, leadership and support. To this end, we are proud of the programmes we have in place for learning and development, including our successful graduate scheme.

To keep people at the heart of what we do, we have a number of areas of focus for the future as outlined below.

We want to hear from our employees - so we'll ensure employee forums or feedback mechanisms are in place, that there are fair opportunities for everyone to contribute and we will make sure that ideas and issues are recognised and responded to.

We want to empower our people by making the relevant knowledge available to each individual - capturing information and sharing it across the business to strengthen our capabilities and enhance our customer service levels.

We will continue to place a high importance on development by developing the competence, capability and confidence of leaders in our business in order to encourage a culture of continual improvement, diversification and collaboration across all functions.

To give our customers what they need and continue to solve their challenges, we will develop and appropriately reward our existing people, as well as commit to recruiting new talent to fill any gaps we may have in skills and experience.

We will complete digitalisation of HR processes and learning to attract, retain and develop talented people and enable employees to take ownership of their own personal development programmes and help managers to more effectively support, motivate and get the best out of their teams.

Expert to Expert

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