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Defence and Aerospace


We are committed to working closely with governments in support of fluid seal design and supply to enhance their defence capabilities. This co-operation naturally extends to equipment manufacturers and maintenance contractors concerned with military vehicles, surface vessels, submarines, and military and commercial aircraft on a global basis.

The long-term partnerships we have fostered with customers in these fields over the past 125 years have proved to be among the most valuable key strengths that James Walker can offer. We are fully accustomed to working to the exacting materials specifications and quaility requirements of defence and aerospace customers - and hold test equipment for all relevant BS, ISO, ASA, API, ANSI, DIN, DTD and NATO standards.

Cyber Essentials PlusWe have achieved the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus security certification, which is seen as a leading indication of corporate responsibility in terms of securing the company’s systems for the handling and storage of information and a required standard for many UK Government and Ministry of Defence supply chain contracts.

The quality systems at our relevant facilities are third-party registered to BS EN ISO 9001. We are also regularly assessed and quaility approved by a wide range of industry bodies and individual customers including multinational
corporations, government organisations and utilities.

We have a great many product ranges that are applicable to the defence and aerospace sectors, including...

Defence and Aerospace

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Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic Sealing Products

Our high-integrity hydraulic seals for rods/glands and pistons provide optimum equipment performance for almost every application. We mould seals in a wide range of standard and high performance elastomers, and custom-compound special materials for specific duties. Our products are used for control systems as well as heavy duty equipment on bow doors and deck gear.

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We manufacture O-Rings in over 100 general and high performance elastomers, and stock many thousands of types and sizes of rings in our most popular materials for immediate delivery. Customised material and sizes are readily supplied. Typical duties include hydraulic systems, hatches, diesel engine cylinder liners and heads, fuel systems, pumps and valves.

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High Performance Specification Grade ElastomersHigh Performance Specification Grade Elastomers

It is our ability to develop materials then apply, design and manufacture components with them that gives us world-class status in the field of fluid sealing technology and the manufacture of various other items for industry. We process 10 elastomer types in over 70 specification grades for high-integrity fluid seals and other precision moulded components needed by the aerospace and defence sectors.

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DuPont™ Kalrez<sup>®</sup Perfluoroelastomer Fluid Sealing and Handling ItemsFluid Sealing

We are authorised distributor in the UK, France and Ireland for the supply and technical support of sealing and fluid handling parts made by DuPont from its many grades of Kalrez perfluoroelastomer (FFKM).

Various Kalrez grades are recommended for critical and/or high purity sealing applications the defence and aerospace sectors.

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Radial Lip SealsRadial Lip Seals

Walkersele® radial lip seals retain lubricant within a rotary system and can also prevent the ingress of foreign matter. They are extensively used in stern glands, stabilisers, bow thrusters, variable pitch propellors and gear boxes. Our patented Walkersele OSJ-2 on-site joining technique allows high-intergrity lip seals to be replaced without a major strip-down - which significantly reduces time in dry dock for busy vessels.

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsFlat Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Our precision cut gaskets and sheet jointings are extensively used for marine and land-based flange sealing duties - pipelines and pumps, valve flanges and bonnets, fuel systems, engines and gearboxes. Our sheet jointings cover almost all fluid handling requirements. We have a full range of compressed fibre materials, plus Nebar® cork/elastomer and Supagraf® graphite-based products. Supagraf has been extensively tested by third parties to offer the Royal Navy a single material to replace all CAF products.

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Metallic Gaskets and Ring JointsMetallic Gaskets and Ring Joints

Metakamm® Kammprofile and Metaflex® spiral wound gaskets are specified for pressure vessels, pipelines and hydraulic plant where the temperature, pressure, flow rates or vibration are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials. Manufactured by API-licensee James Walker Moorflex, our metal ring joints conform to both ASME and API standards. Products include R, RX and BX ring joints, as well as lens, convex, wedge, double-cone and weld ring metal gaskets.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

Comflex® composite expansion joints and ranges of flexible bellows are widely used for marine and shore-based duties.

Typical applications include air intakes, gas turbine exhausts, steam turbine exhausts, diesel ventillation systems, cooling ducts, and protectors for hydraulic rams.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

Our extensive range of compression packing covers every marine and shore-based gland sealing duty - from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and valves to rudder posts and stern glands. As well as highly-advanced synthetic fibre packings such as Supagraf® Premier and Control VOC emission control products, we also manufacture a traditional marine packing.

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Flooring and Decking ProductsFlooring and Decking Products

The Treadmaster® range of tough anti-slip deck coverings is widely used on marine vessels of every class and size. Specific grades of this cork-elastomer product are recommended for exposed decks, engine rooms or internal areas. In addition, Treadmaster safety flooring provides comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces for maintenance environments, gantries, catwalks, machine rooms and offices.

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