James Walker Italiana
Via Ponte Vecchio 2/4

Tel:+39 2 2578308

James Walker Italiana was established in 1958 and distributes James Walker Group's high performance products through its Milan-based head office.

We provide our customers with fluid sealing solutions to meet their requirements, and we follow them from the design stage to the final application.

We work with power generators, metallurgical industries, press and cylinder manufacturers, valve and turbine manufacturers and many others industrial sectors across Italy. Specialized grades of rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant elastomers - of which James Walker is worldwide leader - are widely used for oilfield equipment.

We can supply a full range of fluid seals, bellows, expansion joints, vibrations/noise reduction materials and anti-slip products.

VAT Nr: 00756510152
Business Register of Milan 103650
Tax Code: 00756510152
Repository of financial and administrative information (REA) of Milan 521829
Share Capital: €62.400,00

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