James Walker New Zealand
43B Lady Ruby Drive
East Tamaki
PO Box 58852
New Zealand

Tel:+64 9 272 1599

Since 1936, James Walker New Zealand has been responding to the country's need for high performance sealing solutions in industry. With our headquarters in Auckland and our team of account managers throughout New Zealand, we service all sectors of industry.

In addition to the core range of fluid sealing products from James Walker Group companies, we also offer a full mechanical seal service covering design, manufacture and reconditioning.

We work constantly at the forefront of fluid seal development and materials science to provide industries worldwide with the top-quality products that are vital to the safe and efficient operation of plant and machinery.

Ever since our first success in the UK during the 1880s with high-pressure steam packings, James Walker has maintained the leading position in high performance sealing technology that focuses our business today

We justifiably claim that our products span ocean depths to outer space. They also help tame nature's forces with hydroelectric turbines and tidal barrages, as well as enhancing the safety of nuclear plant, jet aircraft, communications equipment and medical devices.

But the vast majority of our output keeps the wheels of global industry turning reliably year-in and year-out with the minimum of maintenance and downtime.

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