James Walker (Shanghai) Sealing Technology Ltd
Room 6E-2, Qian Jiang Tower
971 Dongfang Road

Tel:+86 21 6876 9351

Via our representative office in Shanghai, James Walker China supplies industry across Greater China with the full range of James Walker’s high technology fluid sealing solutions, expert technical support and customer service.

We work in close co-operation with specialist distributors to service the immediate and future needs of the country’s fast expanding industrial base - with particular emphasis on niche markets. These are:

  • Shanghai Winner Equipment: Metallurgical; hydro, nuclear, wind and thermal power; and other major industries
  • Tecway International Marine: Marine industry

We manufacture, and are able to supply through our distributors, an extremely large range of special fluid sealing products for the following industry sectors:

  • Iron, steel and aluminium
  • Nuclear energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Wind energy
  • Coal power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and gas
  • Food, dairy and beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Hydrocarbon processing (refining)
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Ships at sea
  • Water and wastewater
  • Pulp, paper and board
  • Defence and aerospace
  • Mineral extraction
  • Semiconductor

Our role extends well beyond the efficient and timely supply of sealing products and accessories. Teams of industry specialists provide expert assistance to customers’ technical and operations staff. In addition, we work constantly at the leading edge of technology to develop special materials and products to provide the best value sealing solutions for each industry sector and individual customer.

The top level service we offer to the industries of Greater China is backed by a highly developed e-commerce systems and logistics operations to give our customers the surety of supply they need.

The product areas in which we specialise include:

  • Cut gaskets and sheet jointing
  • Metallic gaskets
  • Hydraulic sealing products
  • Custom designed products
  • O-rings
  • Rotary lip seals
  • Compression packings
  • Oil and gas sealing products
  • High performance elastomers
  • Tank lid seals
  • Expansion joints and bellows
  • Engineered solutions to all fluid sealing issues
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