Total Cost of Ownership program

According to the World Steel Association, 60% of production costs are influenced by the maintenance and reliability of a plant, including energy consumption, quality, time, product loss, safety and buffer stocks.


In the metallurgical industry, critical seals and components can be found at multiple points in the production process – whether that be hydraulic seals on forging presses, gear box seals on rolling mills or thrust collars on roll chocks.Using a Total Cost of Ownership model is a proven method to optimise plant performance and efficiency with the aim of reducing the overall cost of factors associated with maintenance and reliability.

We understand the challenges faced by operators and manufacturers, balancing efficiencies with operational demands. 

The main challenge is often in identifying the areas in which an opportunity exists to make savings, and this is where our customers can benefit from the experience and expertise provided through the James Walker Total Cost of Ownership program. 

With established products and renowned technical expertise, our service looks at all aspects of the sealing and wear components in the production line to identify opportunities where longer operational performance could be achieved, saving any unnecessary cost implications from an excessive spares inventory. By optimising scheduled maintenance there is a potential to deliver significant revenue gains through increased productivity and the reduction of unplanned downtime. 

Total Cost of Ownership assessments can be carried out virtually, or through a site visit, are available free of charge and include the following simple process:

Step 1
Audit current seal and wear components to include details of operational life and problem applications.

Step 2
Establish current costs of components, as well as downtime and loss of production due to seal or wear component replacement.

Step 3
James Walker engineering team undertake an assessment and provide a detailed proposal of how to eliminate problem areas and optimise sealing and wear component life.  This would include an estimation of areas of potential operational cost savings.

Step 4
Presentation of proposal to all site stakeholders.

Click the document on the left for an example of the savings that can be made through the James Walker Total Cost of Ownership program.