Elastomer Technology

Elastomers - General

At James Walker we formulate and compound over 300 grades of elastomers in house. Many of these are our General Grades that, between them, prove suitable for the vast majority of standard industrial applications.

We compound these General Grades with the same no-compromise philosophy regarding quality as we apply to our High Performance Elastomers and other speciality grades.

Butyl IIR - General grades

Butyl IIR - vacuum & high pressure gases

  • Very low gas permeability.
  • Suitable for vacuum and high pressure gas applications.
  • Must not be used with mineral oils.
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Chloroprene CR - General grades

Chloroprene CR - usually known as Neoprene

  • Well known, general purpose elastomer.
  • Suitable for use with many media.
  • Largely unaffected by sunlight and atmospheric ageing.
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Chlorosulphonated polyethylene CSM - General grade

Chlorosulphonated polyethylene - Hypalon® is popular example

  • Excellent resistance to weathering.
  • Gives good service with many media.
  • Mainly used on static sealing duties.
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Epichlorohydrin ECO - General grades

  • Good resistance to mineral oils, fuels and ozone.
  • Sealing applications limited by corrosive properties and poor compression set resistance.
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Ethylene-propylene EPM/EPDM - General grades

Ethylene-propylene - steam & water services

  • Excellent resistance to water and steam.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and ozone. 
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Fluorosilicone FVMQ - General grades

Fluorosilicone FVQM - for aerospace fuel systems

  • Resistant to hydrocarbon oils, kerosene and petroleum fuels.
  • Resists mineral-based and water-glycol hydraulic fluids.
  • Wide temperature range.
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Natural rubber NR - General grades

Natural rubber - the original elastomer 

  • High strength with good abrasion resistance.
  • Suitable for use with hot/cold water, ammonia, ethylene glycol, dilute acids and alkalis.
  • Synthetic elastomers have superior resistance to heat, weathering and oils. 
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Nitrile NBR - General grades

Nitrile NBR - most widely used industrial elastomer

  • Vast range of compounds with various acrylonitrile/butadiene ratios
  • PB range for use with mineral oils - especially hydraulic fluids - water & some solvents.
  • Proteus grade is generally suitable for food applications  
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Polyurethane AU/EU - General grades

Polyurethane - good mechanical properties

  • Often used for drive transmissions.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering.
  • Good resistance to hydrocarbon fuels and mineral oils.
  • Sealing duties limited above +50°C.
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Silicone VMQ - General grades

Silicone - many grades supplied

  • Good resistance to heat, weathering and compression set.
  • Excellent electrical insulation characteristics. 
  • Sealing duties limited by gas permeability and mechanical properties.
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