Engineering Plastics

High Specification Engineering Plastics

Our Devlon® materials are amongst the toughest and hardest-wearing thermoplastics. By monomer casting and machining to exacting specifications, we produce complex components from 10mm to over 2500mm OD, and weighing up to 1000kg.

  • Resistant to impact and shock loading
  • Zero corrosion; resistant to water absorption and mould growth
  • Low friction
  • One-sixth the weight of bronze
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Extensive cost savings

Our Devlon V-API grade can now be instantly identified as authentic material through the use of James Walker Positive Material Identification Technology, protecting our customers from the risks of using lower-performance imitation materials.

Devlon® A153

Specially formulated Nylon 66

  • High viscosity grade with superior wear characteristics
  • Improved impact strength and rigidity
  • Better dimension stability during thermal cycling
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Devlon® S Grade

Premium grade polyamide thermoplastic

  • High molecular weight engineering plastic.
  • Superior mechanical qualities.
  • Optimum performance in rigorous and abrasive applications.
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Devlon® T100

Proprietary grade of cast polyamide

  • Inherently stress-free material.
  • Low friction, plus excellent wear properties.
  • Improved impact strength.
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Devlon® V-API (known as JW DV-API in China)

Engineering thermoplastic for offshore applications

  • Tailored for high temperature/pressure duties.
  • Low moisture-absorption properties.
  • High molecular weight polyamide.
  • Temperature range: -50°C to +176°C.
  • Now with instant authenticity check through Positive Identification Technology
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Self-lubricating polyamide material

  • Developed for dry running applications.
  • Where low friction is required.
  • And normal lubrication is not possible.
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Devol 6GF30

Glass fibre reinforced cast nylon

  • Excellent structural properties
  • Outstanding creep resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
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Fluolion XT

Special material for hydraulic seals in metallurgical plant

  • High-performance, low friction PTFE-based material.
  • Developed for composite seals working in arduous conditions.
  • Many years of hard-wearing operation in rod and piston seals.
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