Rotary Seals

Walkersele Radial Lip Seals - Specials

Within our Walkersele family we have highly-developed materials and designs that offer exceptional benefits to specific sectors of industry.

In addition, if you cannot find the exact radial lip seal you require to meet specific operational parameters, James Walker Technology Centre will custom design, prototype, test and manufacture a new seal in partnership with your own engineering teams.

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Product Spotlight


Walkersele Aflas

FEPM-based elastomer for aggressive media 

  • Long-term operation with hot aggressive chemicals.
  • Resists bleaching agents used in dewatering presses in pulp and paper plant.
  • Suitable for duties in radioactive environments.
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Walkersele customised designs

A speciality of James Walker's sealing experts

  • New seals developed and tested for OEMs.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Backed by unparalleled sealing expertise.
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Walkersele SpringSafe

Positive spring retention

  • Ensures spring is properly located at installation.
  • Reduces the possibility of spring becoming dislodged to create secondary damage if shaft or bearing exceeds normal operating limits.
  • Allows effective spring coil action.
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Walkersele TBMS

Exceedingly robust design for Tunnel Boring Machines

  • Proven on projects such as Channel Tunnel and Sydney's Airport Link Railway.
  • Made from tough, abrasion resistant elastomer-proofed fabric.
  • Seal lip energised by an O-ring.
  • Custom manufactured for each tunneling project.
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Walkersele X-Gen

Advanced Walkersele® technology for large diameter shaft and bearing sealing in the wind industry.

James Walker’s latest advances in Walkersele rotary sealing technology offer a new innovative glass-reinforced seal construction with new lip profiles and spring formations, specifically designed to meet the demands of the wind industry.

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