Flange Management and Joint Integrity

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Flange Management and Joint Integrity

Flange Management and Joint IntegrityJames Walker companies supply industry worldwide with professional flange management and joint integrity programmes and services that go well beyond the accepted norms in terms of...

  • Professional advice and planning
  • Quality of on-site and off-site workmanship
  • Standards of safety and care
  • Customer satisfaction from initial survey to completion and beyond

The Joint Integrity Programme (JIP) is a service from James Walker that monitors, maintains and refurbishes all bolted flange joints at oil, gas and chemical sites - both onshore and offshore.

The service covers ducts and pipework, pressure vessels, heat exhangers, valves and other plant items that rely on bolted joints.

Our JIP approach of evaluate, design and apply delivers long-term solutions, rather than short-term fixes that need to be repeatedly applied at considerable cost. Our aim is to ensure that when high-integrity joints have been formed, they stay that way, to...

  • Maximise plant uptime
  • Keep expensive product loss to a minimum
  • Reduce leaks to improve health and safety and environmental performance

JIP comprises a series of modules that can be tailored to suit each client's requirements. These include...

  • Tagging, data management and reporting. We collect data from your site that can help you meet the European Union's Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) directive, and lead to general improvements in plant efficiency.
  • Heat exchanger and pressure vessel bolted joint programme. We evaluate, report and provide engineered solutions to keep fugitive emissions at a minimum. This service can involve analysis, on-site measurement, dismantling, machining, installation of new components, and on-going site support.

All our skills in gasket and bolting technology, high integrity fluid sealing, plant refurbishment and site engineering are employed for the JIP service, the specials skills of alliance partners are called upon as required.

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Flange sealing improvement

The vital role of the flange gasket is too often overlooked. Our on-site and workshop-based services are based on the vast technical expertise of James Walker companies in the selection, manufacture and supply of the optimum gasket products and flange sealing capabilities. Moreover, our protection devices are well-proven products that help extend the operational life and long-term sealing efficiency of bolted flange joints.

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