Flange Management and Joint Integrity

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Flange Management and Joint Integrity

Flange Management and Joint IntegrityJames Walker companies supply industry worldwide with professional flange management and joint integrity programmes and services that go well beyond the accepted norms in terms of...

  • Professional advice and planning
  • Quality of on-site and off-site workmanship
  • Standards of safety and care
  • Customer satisfaction from initial survey to completion and beyond

Joint integrity

Leak-tight, reliable joints are a vital ingredient of every industrial installation. Not only will a leaking joint waste valuable product and energy, it can also create health & safety and environmental problems.

James Walker has a multitude of products and services devoted to the high-integrity sealing of flange joints at chemical plants, refineries and offshore installations, as well as general industrial sites.

Sealing problem flanges in high temperature / pressure applications - Technical paper

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