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Static Seals

In addition to O-Rings and gaskets, we design, develop and manufacture families of high performance static seals for numerous specialised applications. Our ranges include inflatable seals, tank lid seals, furnace door seals, plus wellhead and downhole seals for the oil & gas sector.

Furnaces, Crucibles and Boilers

We offer product ranges that work at high temperatures for the efficient static sealing of doors or lids on annealing furnaces, kilns, crucibles and boilers, plus refractory services and similar industrial applications.

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Inflatable seals

Inflatable seals usually comprise elastomeric extrusions with hollow sections that can be swiftly energised, either pneumatically or hydraulically, to form a high integrity seal between two faces. Typical applications include dome valves, maintenance seals for preventing fluid flow in rotary systems while the main seal is being changed, and airlock doors or hatches.

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Our seven million stocked O-rings include inch sizes and metric sizes to a range of international, national and industry standards. These are held in a variety of general and high performance elastomers to suit the vast majority of industrial and specialist oil and gas sector applications.

If we do not hold the exact sizes of O-rings you require, we have the flexible production systems to mould them on very short lead times - for supply within days.

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Oilfield products

These high-performance static seals form the core of our oil and gas industry product ranges for downhole, riser and wellhead applications. They are proven to work at high pressures and extremes of temperature with aggressive oil field media.

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