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Seals in PTFE and Engineered Thermoplastics

UnilionOur sealing products in PTFE and high-performance plastics are recommended for numerous industrial applications, including...

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Engineering and manufacturing

Every seal we provide is a highly efficient element within a system. It is therefore of great importance that the correct seal design and materials are chosen and specified.

With our experience and technical support, customers can be confident that they will receive the correct product for their application, manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Devlon V-API valve seats

Devlon V-APIDevlon® V-API has been developed by James Walker in close cooperation with the valve industry as the answer to the search for a superior valve seat material.

Specifically formulated to provide enhanced performance across a wide temperature and pressure range, Devlon V-API is now widely specified by valve manufacturers and has rapidly gained approval for use by major oil and gas producers.

Devlon V-API is a proprietary formula developed by James Walker, which includes additives that allow the material to perform at higher pressures and temperatures than the majority of soft valve seat materials.

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With the Unilion® range, James Walker provides industry worldwide with the high-performance answer to fluid sealing problems where conventional products fail to give the integrity or reliability required.

Spring-energised seals are far from new - we have been manufacturing them since the 1940s. But we now offer a full range of Unilion precision-engineered products that meet the following parameters...

  • Used successfully on applications at up to 103MPa/15,000psi
  • Cryogenic duties down to -260°C
  • Temperature excursions up to +300°C
  • Resistance to corrosive media
  • Efficient dynamic operation following long stationary periods
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