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Rotary Seals

Walkersele radial lip seals - general rangeEvery item of rotating plant and equipment - from a lawn sprinkler to a hot steel rolling mill or hydroelectric power scheme - relies on rotary sealing systems to keep it working efficiently.

The four main points to consider are...

  • Bearing protection
  • Lubricant retenion
  • Exclusion of contaminants
  • Minimising the leakage of fluid media.

James Walker caters for these needs at every industrial level with five complete families of seals, and a patented installation technique that avoids costly dismantling.

Walkersele X-Gen

Walkersele X-GenAdvanced Walkersele® technology for large diameter shaft and bearing sealing in the wind industry.

James Walker’s latest advances in Walkersele rotary sealing technology offer a new patented glass-reinforced seal construction with new lip profiles and spring formations, specifically designed to meet the demands of the wind industry.

This will provide the necessary assistance required to accommodate eccentricity/deflection and maintain a constant lip load at all points on the circumference allowing maximum sealing capability for increased levels of offset from loaded bearings and out-of-round shafts and housings.

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Bi-O-Lion® has been developed as part of an extensive compatibility testing programme designed to provide a clear understanding of the effect on seals and components of switching to EAL products.

Through this programme James Walker has explored the suitability of a vast range of elastomer formulations against more than 30 major EAL products currently in use.

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Blade root seals

The slow oscillating blade roots of Kaplan turbines used in hydropower generation present particular maintenance problems.

Our seals have been specifically designed, developed and proven for their long operational life and ease of replacement in the confined working environment, thus cutting turbine downtime to the minimum.

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Metal cased lip seals

We supply a vast range of competively priced metal cased lip seals in combinations of design and size in standard materials.

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Metal and flexible retaining band varaiants of no-twist rod mill seals

NTRMS No-Twist Rod Mill Seals

James Walker is able to supply seals for no-twist rod mills by all major OEMs and has supplied metal band retained seals for no-twist rod mills for over 25 years, working with OEMs to ensure the required levels of operational performance, accuracy and ease of fitting were achieved.

Through our detailed understanding of the work involved in the fitting of NTRM seals, we have developed a solution that now reduces the effort and time required for seal replacement during maintenance, with the use of an innovative flexible retaining band.

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Walkersele Radial Lip Seals - General Range

Walkersele Radial Lip Seals - General rangeOur family of high efficiency lip seals for rotary applications is extensively proven worldwide for long term bearing protection on plant as diverse as rolling mills, gearboxes, marine propulsion systems, process mixers, wind turbines, and tunnel boring machines.

Developed constantly over almost 60 years to keep ahead of customers' operating conditions, Walkersele offers many invaluable benefits to users.

  • Highly cost effective
  • Available in unlimited sizes
  • Easy to install and simple to remove
  • Supplied ex-stock in standard sizes

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V-ring seals

We supply a wide range of highly reliable end face seals (V-rings).

These flexible lip seals fit on a shaft and seal axially against a counter face - such as a roller bearing face, shaft collar, or thrust washer.

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Walkersele Radial Lip Seals - Specials

Within our Walkersele family we have highly-developed materials and designs that offer exceptional benefits to specific sectors of industry.

In addition, if you cannot find the exact radial lip seal you require to meet specific operational parameters, James Walker Technology Centre will custom design, prototype, test and manufacture a new seal in partnership with your own engineering teams.

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Walkersele On-Site Joining

Walkersele OSJ is our unique and patented technique for the On-Site Joining of radial lip seals.

It enables a Walkersele to be fitted with the ease and maintenance economies of a split type - and provides the high-integrity sealing performance of an endless seal.

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