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Engineering PlasticsIf there is an industrial application for specialised plastics then James Walker has probably made a product for it. We produce hydraulic and pneumatic seals, diaphragms, hot cast polyurethane components, spin cast and high volume injection mouldings.

These products, which range in size from as little as 10mm diameter to in excess of 2500mm with individual components weighing up to 1000kg,  are used in a wide range of industries from food and drink to railways, power generation and subsea oil and gas.

Whatever the application we are able to provide the ideal material for the job including our own range of high-specification proprietary Devlon® engineered plastics.

Balls; all types

We produce cast and injection moulded balls for food processing and general applications.

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Custom moulding engineered plastics

We custom mould components in a wide range of engineering plastics using the latest techniques and equipment.

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Engineering plastics - High specification

Our Devlon® materials are amongst the toughest and hardest-wearing thermoplastics. By monomer casting and machining to exacting specifications, we produce complex components from 10mm to over 2500mm OD, and weighing up to 1000kg.

Resistant to impact and shock loading.
Zero corrosion; resistant to water absorption and mould growth.
Low friction.
One-sixth the weight of bronze.
Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion.
Extensive cost savings.

Positive material identificationOur Devlon® V-API grade can now be instantly identified as authentic material through the use of James Walker Positive Material Identififcxation Technology, protecting our customers from the risks of using lower-performance imitation materials.

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Food quality products

We manufacture numerous precision components for the food processing and beverage sectors.

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Plastic sealing products

We manufacture ranges of hydraulic and pneumatic sealing components in a vast selection of engineering plastics.

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Pump and valve consumables

We manufacture a range of pump and valve consumables in engineering plastics, including diaphragms, non-return valve balls and seats, hydraulic seals and stalk valve disks.

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Rollers and Wheels

We produce and refurbish wheels and rollers for many industrial duties.

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We have top class in-house toolmaking facilities for engineering plastics.

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Tube test seals

Our tube test seals are used by manufacturers for high and low pressure testing.

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