Rotary Seals

Walkersele Aflas

This high performance material uses our AF90/LS compound, based on Aflas tetrafluoroethylene/propylene (FEPM) from Asahi Glass. The unique combination of Walkersele and Aflas provides long-term protection for bearings that operate in highly aggressive chemical environments with steam - eg, chemical pulping lines - or radioactive areas.

Walkersele Aflas has been developed by James Walker Technology Centre in liaison with a major manufacturer of pulp and paper plant. It solves the problem of bearing protection on dewatering presses (pulp washers).

Special features
Walkersele Aflas provides:

  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Continuous service capability with many aggressive media.

Typical applications
Radial lip seals for bearing protection on chemical pulping lines and other processes where the combination of aggressive bleaching agents plus high temperature water and steam produce an environment where other elastomers cannot survive for long. (Note: In such environments, seals moulded in standard nitrile NBR or fluoroelastomer FKM suffer an unacceptable level of elastomer volume swell caused by chemical and physical interactions.)

Media compatibility
Excellent resistance to aggressive bleaching agents (particularly chlorine-free types) and high-temperature water/steam, as well as strong acids, oils, lubricants and some fuels, weathering and ozone.

Seal construction
Contruction methods are selected to suit specific applications. A modified Walkersele® D1 design is used for pulping line duties - this features:

  • Un-chamfered lip to prevent build-up of abrasive pulp materials.
  • Ports and grooves to provide good inter-seal lubrication.

Walkersele D6 and D7 designs are also manufactured in our Aflas-based compound for duties beyond chemical pulping lines. All designs suit housings fitted with retaining plates.

Maximum under-lip temperature
Please consult our Technical Support Team.

Maximum surface speed
Please consult our Technical Support Team.

How supplied
Walkersele Aflas seals are manufactured to order.

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