Rotary Seals

Walkersele Ultraglide

Walkersele Ultraglide is based on a reformulated hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) material, with optimised properties that greatly extend the working life of Walkersele radial lip seals when running for long periods under hot and abrasive conditions. It is the result of a five-year research programme by James Walker Technology Centre.

On the intermediate stand of a hot rolling mill, Walkersele Ultraglide has given six times the maintenance-free life of a traditional nitrile (NBR) seal.

This operational success is backed by comparative test results that show our Ultraglide grade reformulated-HNBR matches the strength of fluoroelastomer FKM and nitrile NBR, and provides far lower friction plus vastly superior thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance.

Ultraglide K is for seals installed in housings with retaining plates.
Ultraglide M is for self-retaining seals installed in open housings.   

Special features

  • Far greater abrasion resistance for highly extended sealing life.
  • Low coefficient of friction for improved running at higher surface speeds.
  • Better heat dissipation to keep the lip cooler for high efficiency sealing.

Typical applications
Radial lip seal for transmission systems, gearboxes and rotary plant in metallurgical industries, power generating industry, cement works, mining and quarrying, rail traction systems, etc.

Media compatibility
Excellent resistance to all lubricating oils, fuels, air, hot and cold water, dilute acids and alkalis.

Seal construction
Ultraglide K: Flexible back of reformulated HNBR-proofed aramid/glass fibre, with lip of special low-friction, low-wear HNBR.
Ultraglide M: Moulded in 80 IRHD reformulated HNBR with a stainless steel band encapsulated in its back.   

Maximum under-lip temperature
150°C constant, and 170°C in oil: but note that under-lip temperature can often be substantially higher (eg, by 30°C) than fluid media temperature.

Maximum surface speed
Ultraglide K:
 up to 20 m/s with Walkersele D6 design, or up to 15 m/s with Walkersele D7 design.
Ultraglide M: 15 m/s with both Walkersele D6 and D7 designs.

How supplied
Walkersele Ultraglide is manufactured to order in Walkersele D6 and D7 designs. Both designs are supplied in endless form, and are also available as Walkersele OSJ-2 for On-Site Joining. In endless form, the D6 and D7 design seals can be used in both open-ended housings and those with retaining plates. In OSJ® form, the seals are used in housings with retaining plates.

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