Rotary Seals

Walkersele TBMS

Our exceedingly robust Walkersele TBMS radial lip seals are designed to protect the cutting head bearings of tunnel boring machines.

Walkersele TBMSThey are well proven on many successful tunneling projects, including the Channel Tunnel (7.8m diameter) and the Airport Link Railway, Sydney (11m diameter).

  • Exceedingly robust design of radial lip seal to work efficiently for the life of a tunnel boring project.
  • Manufactured from extremely tough, abrasion resistant elastomer-proofed fabric, and fitted with an O-ring to energise the lip.
  • Banks of Walkersele TBMS seals are installed behind the cutting head to protect the bearings from water, slurries, highly abrasive dust and grit.
  • Will operate at constant pressure differential of 300 kPa/3 bar (43.5 psi), with excursions to 400 kPa/4 bar. (58 psi). Maximum static pressure differential is 1 MPa/10  bar (145psi). Sealing systems can be designed to step-down higher operating pressures.
  • Maximum surface speed: 2 m/s (394 fpm).

We hold a number of tools for Walkersele TBMS designs. However, as each tunnel boring machine is custom-built for a specific tunnelling project, we recommend that you contact our Technical Services Team at concept design stage to discuss sealing requirements in detail.  

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