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Walkersele SpringSafe

Walkersele SpringSafe is our specially developed method for safely securing the lip-energising spring used on most endless-type Walkersele designs.

With SpringSafe, plant operators enjoy peace-of-mind that the lip-energising springs on their endless-type seals are properly located at installation and cannot readily be dislodged to create secondary damage when a shaft or bearing runs beyond recommended operating limits.

Special features

  • Provides positive spring retention.
  • Keeps spring securely in position during installation and operation.
  • Allows spring coils to move freely for efficient lip seal operation.

Typical applications

  • Gearboxes and transmission systems.
  • Rolling mills.
  • Marine propulsion systems.
  • Wind turbine slew rings.
  • Process mixers and rotary kilns.
  • Other radial sealing duties where unprotected springs are subjected to corrosive or abrasive media found in metallurgical, pulp and paper, or chemical processing, and on marine duties.

How does it work?
The Walkersele lip-energising spring is intimately cured into the seal's spring groove in such a way that individual coils of the spring are free to move under eccentric operating conditions. This coil freedom allows the spring in Walkersele SpringSafe to react in the same way as the spring in our standard Walkersele® designs.

Walkersele SpringSafe is therefore supplied with its lip-energising spring:

  • Cured into position so it cannot be incorrectly located during installation, or become dislodged if the seal rolls over during fitting in a blind housing.
  • Captive within the seal lip so it cannot readily break free to damage bearings if a failure occurs elsewhere in the system
  • Less likely to be subjected to chemical or abrasive attack.

Which Walkersele designs?
SpringSafe can be supplied on endless-type Walkersele designs D6 and D7.

Walkersele SpringSafe materials
SpringSafe is currently available for Walkerseles that are precision moulded in:

  • Nitrile NBR elastomers - ie, materials M1 and M6.
  • Hydrogenated nitrile HNBR elastomers - including our reformulated HNBR grades.

Walkersele SpringSafe sizes
SpringSafe can be applied to the vast majority of popular Walkersele D6 and D7 applications on shafts above 250mm diameter. However, before ordering, please check size suitability with our Technical Services Team.

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