DuPontTM Kalrez® (FFKM)

Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) are best known as DuPontTM Kalrez, although other grades do exist. The compounds contain fully fluorinated polymer chains and hence offer the ultimate performance of elastomers when considering heat and chemical resistance.

Excellent resistance to fuels, all types of lubricating oils and greases, mineral-based and fire resistent hydraulic fluids, solvents, alcohols, most acids and alkalis. 

DuPontTypical operating temperatures
Grades are available for duties from -25°C to +325°C continuous.

Fluid sealing duties
Various DuPontTM Kalrez grades are recommended for critical and/or high purity sealing applications in industry sectors such as pharmaceutical and food processing, semiconductor fabrication, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical processing, and defence and aerospace. However, it should be noted that the moderate mechanical properties of perfluoroelastomers tend to deteriorate rapidly at elevated temperatures.

Supplied grades
We are authorised distributor in the UK, Ireland and France for the supply and technical support of sealing and fluid handling parts made by DuPont from its many Kalrez grades.

Kalrez 0040 specifically designed for low-temperature applications where chemical resistance is required.

Kalrez 0090 RGD resistant perfluoroelastomer for harsh oil and gas environments

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