Precision moulding

Precision elastomeric moulding is our main method of O-ring production. We hold a growing inventory of over 8000 O-ring moulding tools, and also have the largest press of its type in Europe for producing the highest integrity endless rings of up to 2.2m diameter.

This press, together with the banks of smaller high-tech vacuum presses at our extended moulding shop at Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK, gives us the flexibility to produce custom-moulded O-rings very rapidly.

These include large diameter high integrity elastomeric seals for special duties, including nuclear fuel transportation flasks. The nature of such a critical application demands stringent quality procedures, with James Walker's technologists working very closely with our customer on this successful project. 

If we have a suitable mould tool, your custom O-rings can be with you within days. Even when we need to produce special moulding tools, we are able to adjust our schedules to meet your most urgent requirements. We also stock many thousands of types and sizes of O-rings in our most popular materials, ready for same day despatch.

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