Rotary Seals

V-ring seals

We supply a range of End Face Seals or V-Ring Seals. These flexible lip seals are designed to fit on a shaft, and seal axially against a counter face - such as a roller bearing face, shaft collar or thrust washer.

Special features

  • Well proven designs.
  • Reliable sealing against splash, oil and water, as well as dust and dirt.
  • Low friction running.
  • No running-in period required.

How supplied
Standard seals: All sizes and designs are readily available in commercial grades of elastomer: the standard grade is nitrile (NBR) of 70 IRHD.

Non-standard seals: End face seals/V-rings to non-standard sizes, or in high performance elastomers to match specific duties, are in-house manufactured to order.

Please contact us to check mould availability. Where we have a suitable tool, your seal will be suppplied on short delivery time without tooling charges. New tools are swiftly made; in these cases a tooling charge will be applied.

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