Rotary Seals

Walkersele customised designs

What we do
We develop, prototype and prove many new lip seal designs in partnership with major OEMs and plant operators, to solve their specific fluid sealing problems.

This is a service that only a few seal manufacturing companies in the world can provide. As this type of work is confidential, we are able to describe it only in general terms.

The benefits we offer include:

  • Innovative design capability.
  • Extremely comprehensive range of high performance elastomers and other materials.
  • Fullest knowledge of seal and elastomer manufacturing technologies.

These skills are backed by many years of experience, working with engineers across all sectors of industry, plus a fundamental understanding of all types of equipment that need fluid sealing systems.

How we do it
For custom-design projects, we apply expertise in applications engineering, fluid sealing technology and materials science to generate a number of design concepts to solve a specific problems.

Then we can use non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) techniques to:

  • Eliminate unsuitable designs.
  • Fine-tune the seal geometry and materials of manufacture until the optimum combination is achieved.

Prototypes are manufactured and fully tested on our suites of static and dynamic test rigs to simulate closely the true operating conditions. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Five dynamic test rigs with 24/7 data capture.
  • These have changeable shafts/sleeves of metal or ceramic, covering diameters from 70mm uo to 405mm.
  • Fluid pressures up to 2.5MPa/25bar (363psi), with test media including mineral oils, synthetic oils, water, emulsions, etc.
  • Shaft velocities up to 100m/s.
  • Direct torque measurements. 

With this suite of rotary rigs we can undertake long-term tests on Walkerseles under closely simulated operating conditions. The 24/7 data capture facility enables exacting reports to be produced describing seal performance throughout the full duration of the tests. Only when James Walker Technology Centre and our customers are fully satisfied with the test rig results will the new custom-designed seal be subjected to field trials on a working plant. 

Successes on high-profile development projects for our custom-designed seals produce very positive feedback. The resulting improvements we achieve in seal performance - in terms of sealing integrity, operational life, and the ability to work under extreme conditions - are greatly appreciated by customers, as too are the FEA images we produce to explain the reasons behind our design decisions.

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