Engineering Plastics

Tube test seal in polyurethane

These fully-moulded seals are designed to operate with tube testing machines that repeatedly seal and release the steel tube ends as part of the hydrostatic testing process.

The quality of the seals used is a crucial factor in the reliability of such machines, and therefore our tube test seals offer the highest levels of performance.

Manufactured from high tensile, impact resistant polyurethane, they provide excellent wear resistance and can operature at high or low pressures. They incorporate a special lip profile to enable tube entry without seal damage.      

Special features

  • Dual or single hardness seals.
  • Colour coded for different test regimes - test heads or pressures.
  • Excellent record of reliability.
  • Extremely wear resistant.
  • Special lip profile for maximum seal life.

Dual hardness seals
In addition, our fully-moulded dual hardness seals offer:

  • Improved anti-extrusion properties.
  • Longer working life.
  • Improved tolerance of poor mechanical conditions.

Operating capability

  • Operating pressure: these seals are regularly used a pressures in excess of 100MPa (14,500psi) with thick-walled high pressure rated steel tubes.

End face seals
These are available for use within the sealing head. They comprise a horizontal Solosele® with moulded-in anti-extrusion spring. The split halves of the sealing head are held together by two RotaBolt® tension controlled safety bolts.

How supplied
Tube test seals are custom manufactured to any size and quantity. We also hold a huge number of moulds covering most standards.